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Dear Reader,

I forward this message of Frederic Laloux to you:

Check out this short video about a project to turn the book into a powerful wiki.
We are looking for 30-40 people to join us in a two-week wikithon event to make this happen. Join us! It will be fun. And we’ll create something that could possibly become really important – a highly relevant resource for the brave souls (let’s call them heroes :-)) who to take their organizations to Teal.

With love,


In case you are not in the mood to watch the video, here is the short summary.

At some point, when I was writing “Reinventing Organizations”, I had this idea: when the book is out, we should really create a WIKI as a practical resource for the brave souls (I call them heroes :-)) that are setting out to transform their organization to Teal.

  • The book is frozen with the best of what I could come up with, whereas the wiki can keep evolving, and is always up-to-date
  • The wiki can do deeper into every topic, with lots of practical case examples
  • The wiki could outgrow the book and me, and belong to the large community of people who work towards reinventing management.

This wiki could become incredibly powerful. Imagine you are in an organization and thinking: god it’s time we change our compensation system, perhaps towards something like self-set pay? But how exactly does that work, what should we pay attention to? Now imagine there is one single, really well synthesized article, with lots of examples that is there, at no cost, on the internet!

I don’t have time to write the wiki alone. And that would go totally against the spirit of a wiki, in any case! So Chris Clark, a reader who has become a friend, and I have had the idea to organize a two-week WIKITHON event, in which we hope to gather something like 30-40 people (you??) who want to help create this wiki.

Feel like you have the energy and some time time to contribute? Check out this link to find out more: You can also join the „Wiki preview“ hangout.

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